DELTA’s skills and knowledge about innovation assist you in developing new technologies and introduce them successfully on the market

Our team of innovation experts provide practical and focused consultancy on innovation for companies that do not have a large development organisation in-house.

We respect our customers’ day-to-day business challenges for delivering new product developments with limited resources available. Therefore, we focus on delivering practical and actionable consultancy that helps your business efficiently and safely execute your development projects based on your specific needs and business set-up.

Questions we help you answer:

  • How can we use new technologies as enabler for new business?
  • How do we ensure optimal benefits of our technological innovation projects?
  • How do we qualify ideas and strategy before investment?
  • How do we identify relevant funding opportunities?
  • How do we find the right partners?

How can we help you?

Challenge and inspire

We challenge and inspire the development of your business, supplying you with knowledge of new technologies or IT-related opportunities, efficient processes, new trends, and business models.

Test and verify ideas

We help you test and verify your innovative ideas, so you know if the idea works in practice before investing large sums in product development.

R&D planning

We assist in the planning and project development process, and provide the knowledge necessary for your development project to become a success.

Help with funding

We help you with the funding of your project – either by testing and validating your product idea – securing your bank or investor that your idea is sound – or via our extensive knowledge about sources of public fundings.

Service sheets

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